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Welcome to Emrich Transport Design, the internet resource for vehicle design and styling. This site is intended to provide information on the design of most means of transport, with particular reference to cars. Transport design has developed over many decades, always representing the industrial and styling trends of the time. With this in mind, you will find everything from photographs of the earliest concept cars to information on the future of automotive styling.

This site no longer gets updated I'm afraid. My time is now spent working on ConceptCar and I hope people continue to enjoy this site and find it useful; if you have any comments/queries, get in touch and I'll do my best to get back you.

American Streamlining
Take a look at the history of automotive aerodynamics and streamlining

An Historic View of American Concept Cars

American concept cars from the '30s to the '90s

Conceptual Designs and their Designers

A selection of concept vehicles from recent years

Companies and Manufacturers
A developing section looking at manufacturers' history and future

Contemporary US Concept Cars

Links to Related Sites

Technical Terms
An explanation of some of the phrases used in car design

Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Coaches and Passenger Vehicles

Trains and Trams

Materials and Methods

Computer programmes

About This Site
A little information about how this site is designed and structured

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